Building a Future

That Lasts.


Better lands means better tasting beef.

Colter DeVries, founder of Colt James Ranches, is a 5th Generation Montana Rancher. He is dedicated to producing the best quality Wagyu breed in the most ecological and ethical way possible.

Holding a firm belief that there is a brighter, more socially responsible future for ranching and raising cattle, Colter uses a holistic management approach that sets him far apart from other Wagyu ranchers.

This ranching style combined with superior genetics and fertile Montana grasslands have enabled him to produce what we believe is the best tasting, most ethically sourced Wagyu beef you can find. Wagyu’s sought after flavor just gets better with Colt James.

Through this new approach, we hope to engage consumers, and inspire them to take a more active role in learning exactly where their food comes from.

Working with nature.

Colt James Ranches is dedicated to giving back to the planet rather than taking from it. Through the principles of holistic management, we aim to improve the land while using available resources to elevate the quality of our beef and minimize risk to production.

A big problem with conventional livestock practices is over grazing and the desertification of grasslands. We avoid this by rotating our cattle as a single unit, mimicking their primal herd mentality and mobile grazing habits. By preventing the herd from returning to the same area for food, we are able to stimulate plant growth and and maintain a nutrient dense soil structure.

This results in a healthier, more diverse ecosystem that enhances the flavor of our meat. By keeping the land naturally fertilized, we can help eliminate the need for herbicides, pesticides and other harsh chemicals.

We want our cattle to take advantage of the innately nutritious grasses that surround them. Not only is it better for the cattle and the environment, but it’s better for you.

Robust grasslands give way to a distinctly Montana flavor. 

Raised in the Greater Yellowstone Region, our selective herd of 186 Wagyu cattle feast on highly nutritious cool season grasses of the Northern Great Plains, washing it down with fresh, cool water running straight from the Beartooth Mountains.

These grasses create some of the best cattle in the world, regardless of genetics, and they have a huge impact on the marbling.

The cattle are finished on mixed grains and alfalfa in order to increase fat content. We only feed them what we have locally, resulting in a distinctly Montana flavor.


Strengthening the connection between land and food.

At Colt James, we look to you to hold us accountable for delivering the highest quality beef and the most satisfaction. We want more from our customers than just a commercial transaction. We’d like to see you as our partner in a shared vision of sustainability.

By understanding all the work that goes into raising our Wagyu cattle, consumers like you can start to appreciate more than the rich, juicy Wagyu flavor. You'll begin to taste the land, the labor and the love in every bite.