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mt wagyu beef

At Colt James Ranches, we offer unique, delicious Prime grade Wagyu beef that is holistically raised on the beautiful, wide open grasslands of the Greater Yellowstone region. 

Robust, highly nutritious grasses combined with fresh mountain water and clean air enhance the natural flavor of our Wagyu, giving it a distinctly Montana taste that you can savor in every bite.  

By implementing holistic management practices, we let the environment work in our favor, creating a balanced, diversified and healthy ecosystem that reduces the need for added fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides and other harsh chemicals. This keeps our small herd healthier and makes our beef taste better.


As a small batch operation, we take time to ensure our cattle are as healthy and flavorful as can be.

Our beef is made from crossing Angus with Wagyu, which we believe makes for the best tasting beef possible. It combines the rich, delicate flavors of Wagyu with the more familiar texture of Angus, making for a luxuriously smooth gastronomic delight.

Premium quality and flavor can’t be rushed though. Like a finely aged wine, each of our small batches has its own distinct flavor, resulting from the grasses and environmental conditions the cattle were raised on. We can’t wait to share it with you.

We believe people deserve access to better food. That means better breed, better ranching methods, better taste -- better quality all the way around.

With every bite you take of our Premium Wagyu beef, we hope you can taste a little bit of the West -- the big open land and our passion for perfection.


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Reserve one of our small batch sections today. 

Wagyu beef is slower grown, but with time comes quality. Give us a call today to speak with CJR founder Colter DeVries and learn more about which Wagyu section is right for you.


"I've been raising cattle all my life and this is hands down the best beef I've ever eaten."

- Clint Branger, World Champion Bull Rider.

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